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My name is Stan Morris, also known in some circles as Stanpai. I am an actor and creator driven by the firm belief that passion and effort can achieve any goal. Ever intrigued by performing arts but unsure where to start, I eventually found the groundwork for this passion laid out in my middle and high school years. Following those fateful early experiences, I've developed my skills as a performer across a number of mediums, going on to perform in musical productions, independent films, video games, animations and radio broadcasts.

Always driven by my love for extra-curricular activities in both my academic and professional life, my background in performing, marketing, public relations, digital media, video production and community building has made me into a unique all-rounder who's turned his passions into executable skills beyond just the performing arts.

In recent years I've taken to YouTube, building a channel that has empowered me to create things I am passionate about while also reaching millions of viewers in the process. I routinely make a point to actively work closely with game developers, editors, artists and other creatives whenever possible. I believe that the greatest works are those created from the heart, and if there's a project out there that carries the burning flame of the human spirit, don't be surprised to find me nearby.

If you would like to get in touch, please visit the CONTACT page.

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