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For over 10 years, Stan has been an active community builder and event organizer with an emphasis on digital media, the arts, gaming, animation, and fan conventions.

Newgrounds Summer Festival 2021 & Winter Festival 2022
Coordinated by Stan with help from the community, the Newgrounds Festivals are an ongoing effort to provide educational and community building digital programming to the ever-online Newgrounds community. Event programming includes informative panels, community panels, workshops, tutorials, and exclusive features of Newgrounds users both large and small.

Previous Convention Staff Experience Includes


Orlando iX


Social Media

Event Planning

Vendor Coordination

Panel Moderation


Holiday Matsuri


Volunteer Coordination

Access Control


Anime Festival Orlando


Panel Coordination Team




General Event Staff

Character Actor


Live Events

In addition to formal conventions, Stan has also been heavily involved in creating pop-up events and shows throughout his career. Previous events include live concerts organized with the Tiny Waves music label, weekly meetups for collegiate organizations, and brand-focused events on behalf of larger organizations such as Amazon Student and Sony Electronics as a brand ambassador.

If you would like to reach out to Stan for event production work, please visit the CONTACT page.

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